Leather Baseball Caps — Shop And Care For A New Hat

A leather baseball cap will protect your head during live sporting events and other outdoor activities. Learn about the various types of leather products that are manufactured. Then, shop for a hat that will accent your wardrobe and provide you with all-day comfort.

Tanning Agents

The tanning process makes leather durable. The chemicals that are used for tanning purposes prevent leather from decomposing. Chromium, vegetable tannins, and oils are often used during the tanning process. Tanning will prepare products that will be used to make leather and suede hats.

Leather Products

Full-grain, top-grain, and split leather products are used in the textile industry. Full-grain products contain all of the layers of an animal skin. Top-grain products contain the outer layers of the skin. Split leather products contain the underlayers of the skin.

Split leather products are softer than full-grain and top-grain ones. Suede is made with the underlayers of the skin. A sanding process is often used to soften the underlayers.

Hat Styles

Leather is a natural material that is resistant to moisture. It is used to manufacture sporting caps, cowboy cats, wide-brim hats, and fashion caps. When shopping for a leather baseball cap, consider what type of clothing you will be wearing to sporting events and other outdoor activities.

Leather comes in many hues, including deep brown, light brown, and black. Choose a leather color that will complement the attire you plan on wearing.

Some leather products may feature distressing. Distressing is a surface treatment. It adds light wrinkles or color variations to the product. Distressing will make a baseball cap appear slightly weathered.

Thermal Factors

Cotton, wool, and other breathable fabrics are often sewn into the inside of a baseball cap. These materials are used as insulators. Insulators will keep the top of the head warm when it is cold outside.

Care Steps

After you have purchased a leather baseball cap that you like, consider the care steps that you will need to take. A leather cleaning agent and a soft-bristled brush can be used to preserve the leather fabric. Leather cleaning products are designed to be rubbed into the surface of leather. A cleaning agent will provide the leather with a soft texture.

Storage Tips

Hang your new leather hat on a hook or place it inside of a hat box. Either storage option will prevent the hat from becoming misshapen when it is not being worn.

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