Laundromat Or Buy A Washer And Dryer: You Decide

You can go to a laundromat to wash and dry your clothes, or you can buy a washer and dryer. Either option will have its benefits and costs, and in the end, going to a laundromat might be best for you. Here are ways you can compare these clothes washing options against one another to decide ultimately what works best for you.

How close your nearest laundromat is

Do you have a laundromat on-site at your apartment complex or nearby? If you do, then it's wise to just use the laundromat if you can easily walk or drive there. You'll save time in having your clothes washed and dried while you go home to finish chores or run a few close-by errands, and you don't have to pay the costs of the washing machine and dryer units or have to pay for the energy costs.

How often you move

Unless you own your home or you are a long-term renter in a single location, constantly installing and then taking out a washing machine and dryer will add extra wear and tear on these units and ultimately leave you constantly storing these items between moves. Wait until you are in a more fixed location to invest in a washing machine and dryer unit and use the local laundromat instead.

How often you wash clothes

How often do you wash your clothes? If it's just you and you only do a single load of laundry a week or so, then a laundromat won't cut into your day too much and you can easily do your laundry there. You only need to invest in a washing machine and dryer if you do several loads of laundry often or if you have many people in your home who need to have their clothing cleaned regularly.

How much money you have

If you're on a budget, buying a washing machine and dryer might not make sense when you can simply use the local laundromat instead. Save some money every month to put towards an eventual washing machine and dryer set and continue using your local laundromat in the meantime. You'll save the most money if you save your laundromat visits for once a week or so and have all your laundry attended to in a single visit.

When you go to the laundromat, bring your own detergent and dryer sheets from home. This helps you save money on your laundromat trips and gives you more control over what you put with your clothes when you wash them.

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