Don't Forget To Order These Things With Your Custom Rugby Uniforms

When you're ordering custom rugby uniforms for your team, you'll likely spend a considerable amount of time evaluating how the jerseys should look. In addition to deciding what colors the jerseys will be and what logos and lettering they'll have, you'll also need to choose between styles such as short and long sleeves. It's important to give some thought to the shorts for your team, too. Generally, you'll want them to match or complement the jerseys. When you've decided on jerseys and shorts, your work in outfitting your team isn't quite done. Many custom uniform providers have other uniform essentials that you can add

Scrum Caps

Many rugby players wear scrum caps — a sport-specific type of head gear — as a way to protect their ears against damage during scrums, as well as provide some padding to minimize the risk of injuries during the game. While players can buy their own generic scrum caps, it can be fun to order some custom caps for your team. Check if your custom uniform provider gives you the ability to customize this piece of gear; often, you'll find that this is the case. You can then choose a color for the caps, and you may also wish to include the team's name or logo across the front.


Socks are another vital part of a rugby uniform that you should order when you're placing an order for custom jerseys and shorts. Many rugby players favor tall socks, so discuss the style preference with your team to ensure that you order the right type of socks. Uniform socks can be a single color, but if your uniform has a couple of colors, it can be fun to incorporate both of these hues into your custom socks. A common option is striped — for example, if your jerseys are maroon and yellow, you can choose socks that have thick maroon and yellow stripes.


There can be other uniform elements to consider, too. For example, if some of your players favor wearing wristbands during matches as a way to absorb some sweat and keep their hands relatively dry, you may have the option of customizing this accessory at the same time that you order your uniforms. You can go with a simple, one-color design, or get a little more creative and feature the embroidered logo of your team on each wristband. Look for a custom rugby uniform provider to learn more.