3 Ways To Rock A Dark Denim Skirt This Summer

There are some 90's trends that will go down in history as classic styles, and the denim skirt might just be one of the best. Denim is incredibly durable and easy to wear, making it perfect for more dressed-up outfits. Here are three ways to rock a dark denim skirt during the summer, and how it could become a wardrobe staple. 

1. With A Patterned Blouse and Blazer 

One of the greatest things about fine denim is the fact that it can be dressed up easily. If you invest in high-end denim, you can find material that is easy to press, making it perfect for a patterned blouse and a blazer. If you are planning to wear your denim skirt to work, pairing it with a fun, flowy blouse and a nice blazer could create the perfect casual, yet elevated look—perfect for everything from meetings to real estate deals. 

2. With A Simple T-Shirt and Sandals

On the other hand, a nice denim skirt is easy and comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. Consider pairing your denim skirt with a simple white tee and leather sandals for the perfect lunch date outfit. To dress your skirt up even more, consider adding a layered necklace, a nice watch, or a few bangles. Keep in mind that many denim skirts have detailing that can be visually appealing, such as decorative buttons or frayed hems, so going with something simple could make those elements stand out. 

3. Over A Swimsuit

When you want more coverage but you don't want to cover up completely, consider wearing your denim skirt over a swimsuit. The right denim skirt makes it fast and easy to slip a little more coverage over everything from a simple one-piece to a bikini, helping you to show off your suit without feeling too exposed. If you will be wearing a denim skirt over a swimsuit, be mindful of where the waistline will hit, and whether or not it hits in a comfortable place when you are wearing your swimsuit. 

If you are shopping for a modest dark denim skirt online, be sure to investigate different types of denim. In addition to shopping for exactly the type of fabrics you are looking for, many websites also give you the chance to screen for styles, skirt lengths, and even special decorative finishes, making it simple and easy to find what you want. When you shop, keep a measuring tape on hand, so you can quickly and easily compare your size and shape to what you are finding online.