3 Essentials For A Cooler Night's Sleep

If you tend to be a person who is always hot, you may find going to sleep is the hardest part of the day. Having the right sleep environment will keep you cooler and can help you fall asleep faster.


Many types of mattresses or toppers are more effective at holding heat than they are at dissipating heat. You should avoid the most common types of mattresses, such as innerspring or memory foam, since both are better suited for people who are cold at night. Two types that are the best option for cooling off at night are latex and gel. Since these types of mattresses are uncommon and can be expensive, see if you can find a topper made of these materials. Another option might be hybrid options that combine memory foam and gel; the gel helps remove some of the heat the memory foam retains. In general, most toppers that are designed to be plush will hold heat.


Cotton sleepwear, from a company like Simple Pleasures Inc., is generally a good option to stay cool at night. If you invest in high-quality cotton sleepwear, the material will be ultra soft and comfortable. Whatever type of sleepwear you choose, choose pieces that are loose and flowy, such as a night shirt instead of a shirt and pants, so they are more breathable and less likely to make you feel hot at night. Another consideration for some women, especially those with a larger bust, is finding a cool, comfortable sleep bra. First, select bras that are wire-free and pullover styles, since these will be the most comfortable. Additionally, the materials you choose will matter. Thin cotton or microfiber will provide the best combination of comfort, coolness, and some support.


The bedding you choose can also make a difference in comfort. Depending on the specific type of heat-related discomfort you experience, either silk/satin or cotton jersey bedding might be appropriate. If you are simply hot and uncomfortable, try silk or satin. This material often feels cool and luxurious, especially when combined with a heat dissipating mattress/topper. At minimum, use a silky material for your pillowcases. Another consideration if you are hot at night is whether you sweat profusely. People who sweat at night will likely prefer cotton jersey bedding. The material can keep you cool while absorbing moisture, unlike silky bedding, which can quickly turn uncomfortable once you start sweating.

You can lose many valuable hours of sleep if you struggle with cooling off at night. Finding the right combination of sleepwear and bedding will keep you cooler and encourage a restful night's sleep.