How Sacred Geometry-Inspired Clothing Can Help You Balance Your Life

Sacred geometry is the belief and practice that a god created the universe using the principles of geometry. It is the belief that everything is in balance and you can create the type of life for yourself by using the principles of Feng Shui.

Sacred geometry inspired clothes can help bring balance to your life along with following the practices of Feng Shui. Here are a few ideas for you to try.

You Want to Improve Your Work Life

If you are hoping to improve your work-life or start a new career path, you may be feeling a bit unsure. If you follow the sacred geometry principles, you will know that the element water will help you reach your potential and to focus on achieving your goals. If you are looking to improve your work-life or perhaps you are changing careers, try wearing a shirt with the symbol for water on it. This element is usually a wavy line. Fire is also associated with good finances and financial security. It also represents fame and recognition of your work. While wind is associated with wealth along with good health. You could choose to combine symbols for fire, wind, and water into a shirt or jacket, or even leggings. The symbol for fire is a triangle, and the symbol for wind is a rectangle.

You Want to Improve Your Relationships

If your relationships are out of balance in your life, perhaps you want to gear your sacred geometry inspired clothing toward that end. You can choose a piece of clothing such as pants, jacket, or shirt that contains the element of earth. This is represented by the square symbol. The earth element helps with love relationships as well as those with family and friends. The earth is a grounding element and it can help to center your inner feelings and bring them back into focus. If you are looking to help with children or you want children in the future, then choosing clothing pieces with the element metal which is represented by the circle or oval symbol can help with that.

You Want Knowledge Through a Mentor

When looking for balance in life or wanting to make a change, gaining knowledge through education or other forms of learning can make a huge difference. The same is true for finding a mentor to help guide you on your life path or even career path. If you want to further your education or just gain knowledge, the earth element or square symbol can help you find knowledge and bring focus to your learning. 

Look for clothing that contains either these symbols on their own or combined for a better experience.