Are You Shopping For Christmas Gifts?

Have you decided that you want all of your Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving Day? If so, maybe you are already working on the list of those who will be recipients of those presents. Do you have a plan for what you'll buy? If not, it might be that you are looking for ideas. From buying women's C.C. solid ribbed beanies to selecting gifts that will go with them, here are some ideas that might help you. 

Solid Ribbed Beanies - Maybe you have seen the C.C. solid ribbed beanies and known that they would make perfect gifts, not only for the gals on your list but for the guys, too. This type of beanie would be a unique and fun present for anybody to open on Christmas morning. The best part about purchasing the beanies is that they are super affordable. In addition, you won't have to worry about buying the wrong size, as they are pretty much "one size fits all." Convenient, right?

Think about getting women's solid ribbed beanies in pretty colors for the women on your list. Black or brown beanies might be perfect for the boys and men on your list. No matter the color, the beanies will be a great way to keep warm during the cold winter months. You might even want to select a beanie that has a cute tassel as part of the design. Each time one of the recipients of your gift puts it on his or her head, you'll be thought of. 

​Select Gifts To Go With The Beanies - Part of the fun of giving this type of gift is that it can hold a second gift. Of course, the beanie itself will more than likely be the only present you need to buy. But tucking something inside the beanie will be an additional surprise.

Maybe you want to add something really little inside the beanie. If so, a candy bar would be one good idea. However, for some of the people on your list, you might want to give a more important gift. For example, maybe movie tickets or a gift card would make the gift even better. If you're wanting to give a really impressive gift, say to your sweetheart, you could place a watch or another piece of jewelry inside the beanie. 

No matter the gifts you place inside the C.C. ribbed beanies, don't forget to add a personal message on a Christmas-themed note card.