How To Choose A Black Cashmere Evening Dress

How should you choose the just-right black cashmere evening dress? If you have a formal event to attend, take a look at what you need to know before you select a style.

Choose a Budget

You don't want to find your dream gown, only to realize you can't pay for it. Before you shop, set a realistic budget for your event wardrobe. This should include more than just the dress. Include shoes, undergarments, accessories, and cosmetic (hairstyle or makeup application) costs as well.

After you create a picture of your budget, decide how much you can devote to the dress. Create an upper-limit maximum and stick to it. Not only will this help you financially, but it will also narrow down your choices before you start shopping.

Know Your Event

Different formal events require different types or styles of dresses. You could wear a shorter-length dress to a cocktail party. But a black tie wedding or charity event may require a floor-length gown. If you aren't sure what dress etiquette is for the event, ask the host/hostess or talk friends or family who have extensive experience dressing for these types of affairs.

Along with the overall look or length, the specific event may dictate the specific style. Consider who is hosting the event, what it's for, and what is expected of guests. A low-cut gown with a high slit isn't an appropriate choice for a charity fundraiser in support of your child's school but might work well for your best friend's wedding after-party.

Understand Your Shape

Choose a dress that works for, not against, your frame. Even though you may have an ideal idea in mind, make sure it meshes with your body type. Cashmere dresses come in a variety styles that can fit every body type. This means you have plenty of choices.

Think about what body parts you want to highlight and which ones you'd prefer to minimize before you start your search. If you're not sure which silhouette is best for your body shape, ask a professional or try on several different styles.

Consider the Weather

Will you need to stand outside on a cool fall or bitter winter night? If so, a shorter formal dress or one with a long slit won't keep you warm. Likewise, if the event is in a warmer setting, you won't want a long-sleeved or high-necked option.

A black cashmere evening dress is an elegant choice for almost any event. Before you start the selection process set a budget. Consider how your figure fits with specific styles and consider the weather too. These prep tips can help you to pick the perfect option for any formal event.

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