How To Style Ripped Jeans Without Looking Sloppy

Ripped jeans are all the rage these days. The idea is to look edgy and cool, but if you don't style them properly, you can just end up looking sloppy. Nobody wants to look like they pulled their clothes from the trash — so here are some suggestions for styling your ripped designer jeans in a way that has you looking your best.

Pair with a structured top

A top that is too loose, when paired with ripped jeans, can make you look a little messy. Instead, reach for a more structured top — one with some seams and a closer cut to provide a tighter, more body-hugging fit. A top that comes down just enough to cover the waistband of your jeans is ideal, since tighter tops tend to make you look a bit overdone if they're too long.

Go with a ripped denim jacket

If you like the matching look, search for a denim jacket that also has a few interesting rips in it. Make sure it is either the exact same shade of denim as your ripped jeans or an entirely different shade. What you do not want is a jacket that looks like you meant it to match, but that is a little different. Wearing denim with denim looks very intentional and therefore not at all sloppy.

Wear some colored tights underneath

If you really want to give off an artsy, modern vibe, here's a fun way to do it. Look for a pair of thin, colorful tights. Purple, red, or lime green ones work well. Wear them under your ripped jeans so that you see the splotches of color under the rips. You can then wear a top in the same color for a pulled-together look that has everyone turning their heads.

Opt for fancy heels

Ripped jeans are decidedly casual, but you can create some interesting contrast and spiff up your look if you pair them with stunning, dressy heels. A brightly colored pair made from patent leather might look nice, or you can go with a dressy pair of off-white pumps that someone might wear to the office. 

Ripped jeans can really add to your style, but you need to pair them with the right tops, shoes, and layers. Feel free to mix and match the styling ideas above to create a fashionable look that is entirely your own. Try out some ripped designer jeans today.