Wear A Quilted Flannel Shirt For These Winter Activities

If you enjoy the look of flannel shirts, you might enjoy wearing these garments to family gatherings, casual nights out with friends, and even to work. Flannel shirts are highly versatile, but you'll be able to wear this style of garment even more when you buy a quilted one. If you live in a chilly climate, a quilted flannel shirt is a must for a variety of outdoor activities. This garment has an inner layer that is thick and padded, which helps to promote warmth. The quilting isn't typically visible from the exterior, although this type of flannel shirt will typically appear thicker. Here are some winter activities for which a quilted flannel shirt is a must.

Shoveling Snow

After a snowfall, you'll want to get outside to clear your driveway and front steps as quickly as possible. Doing so isn't necessarily a pleasant task, especially if the winds are high and the temperature is low. A heavy winter coat can help to keep you warm, but a quilted flannel shirt will be a definite asset for this type of work. Cold winds can sometimes blow up a coat, leaving you uncomfortable. Your quilted flannel garment will hold heat against your torso, keeping you comfortable while you work.

Waiting For The Bus With Your Kids

If your children are still of an age that requires you to wait for the school bus with them each morning, you know how cold this span of minutes can be. Coffee in a travel mug can help to keep you warm, but the fact that you're standing still instead of moving around can make this daily activity unpleasant. Even if you're wearing the clothing that you'll wear to work, think about throwing a flannel shirt on top of everything. It will provide an extra layer of warmth — and you can quickly remove it upon going back into the house and getting ready to leave for work.

Walking Your Dog

Wintertime dog walks can be fun, given the enjoyment of seeing your dog jump around in the newly fallen snow. When the temperature drops low, however, the fun of walking your dog quickly dissipates — but this doesn't mean that you can skip this important activity. Adding a quilted flannel shirt as a second layer beneath your winter coat can be instrumental in keeping your body warm and also blocking the gusts of wind that may be a factor when you're out on a cold day.

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