Fashion Tips For Making The Most Of Vintage Clothing And Accessories

Adding vintage clothing to your wardrobe is a great way to boost your fashion style. You have several decades of styles to choose from, and timeless classics never go out of style. Knowing how to choose vintage clothing that suits your personality and how to use the right accessories with your pieces will help you achieve a look that's flattering and fashionable.

Let your personality be your guide 

What styles of clothing do you currently own? If your closet consists of mainly neutral colors, it's not likely you will feel comfortable in a bold vintage dress. If your closet looks like a bright paint palette, you will probably find a vintage black dress boring.

If you tend to favor elaborate styles that garner attention, you will feel comfortable in a flashy vintage dress or when wearing a full vintage outfit. If you are more reserved in your fashion style, you may want to add a simple vintage blouse to your present clothing collection to wear with a pair of jeans.

Choose some classic styles

If shopping for vintage clothing is new for you, stick with a few basic classic styles to get started. A classic vintage shift dress is timeless, can be dressed up or down with accessories, and is suitable for work or a night on the town. A leopard coat or tie-neck blouse will look great with a pair of black leggings or a pair of jeans.

Timeless pieces can be used interchangeably with your existing clothing to create new and interesting outfits. Don't overlook vintage scarves and handkerchiefs. Use them with your current clothing if you prefer just a touch of the vintage look.

Use accessories to your advantage

If you want a fun way to dress up contemporary clothing styles, you can't go wrong with vintage accessories. Make a big fashion statement by adding a beaded clutch purse to your look. Top a contemporary blouse or sweater with a classic houndstooth print scarf from the 70's to grab attention. 

Wearing contemporary accessories with vintage clothing is another fun way to experiment with fashion. For vintage dresses that are on the elaborate side, select neutral contemporary accessories, such as beige pump shoes, classic hoop earrings, or a nude leather purse.

Shopping for vintage clothing is like going on a fun adventure through the past. It's also a great way to spice up your wardrobe with cherished classic styles. Choosing pieces that reflect your own unique style, and using accessories that complement the look, will help you make a fashion statement that will never go out of style.