Are You Giving Your Wife An Extravagant Gift For Her Birthday?

Is your wife having a birthday soon? Maybe her birthday is right around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. If so, perhaps in the past she has felt like the holidays have stolen a bit of her thunderIt might be that your budget has not allowed you to spend very much on your wife's birthday gift and on a birthday event in her honor. After all, maybe the money has gone for your children's and other's gifts. Is this the Christmas that you are able to give your wife's birthday the attention it deserves?

Maybe you already have a special plan for your wife's upcoming birthday. However, maybe you're looking for ideas. If that's the case, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Consider Buying A Quality Bag - If your wife is like many other women, she has a fascination with different kinds of purses. Even if she already has many of them, perhaps she doesn't have a high-quality leather bag. Think of buying her a designer bag that she will carry for the rest of her life. It's true that you'll spend a lot of money on it, but when you consider that the bag has been created with quality in every stitch, you'll see why the bag is costly.

If you do decide on buying your wife a high-end bag, your next decision is on what kind to buy her. There are so many styles of this kind of purse that you might have trouble making your decision. Would she like a neutral color like black or off-white? Maybe your wife would love an animal print purse. Decide on what kind of clasp she'd want if she picked the bag herself. For example, would she love a gold-toned clasp or a silver-toned one? 

​Plan An Extraordinary Birthday Event - If your wife's birthday falls around Thanksgiving or Christmas, the key to making it special is for it not to be related to either of those holidays in any way. For example, don't go looking at Christmas lights with your family. Save that for another night. 

Think of taking your wife on a day trip or for an entire weekend to a quaint town near the city where you live. Or, have a party to honor your wife. Just think of what she would love best and go with that plan in mind. Just remember to tell gift-givers not to wrap any of your wife's presents in Christmas paper.

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