Buying A T-Shirt For Your New Boyfriend? Here's How To Make Sure He Loves It

Getting your new boyfriend a new t-shirt to sport around is a great way to show him how much fun you're having with him. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that your boyfriend loves the new tee you surprise him with:

Take a Peak in His Closet

To gain some insight into the colors and styles your boyfriend likes most before buying him a t-shirt, sneak into his closet for a peek at his wardrobe whenever you get a chance. Checking out his wardrobe should give you a clear idea of what his favorite shirt colors are and whether the prefers a basic solid design or something more elaborate.

This should ensure that you don't end up buying him a t-shirt in a color that he hates or with a design on it that he just doesn't identify with when he puts the shirt on. And it will also give you an opportunity to expand his wardrobe offerings a little. For example, if you notice that he has just a couple of blue shirts but lots of other colors, you can expand on the blue theme for him.

Choose a Flowy Design

Whether your boyfriend tends to wear form-fitting or loose shirts on a regular basis, it's a good idea to stick with a flowy design when choosing a new tee for him. Because all t-shirts fit differently, you'll avoid giving him a shirt that doesn't fit properly if you choose a flowy design that is supposed to fit and hang loosely.

You certainly won't have to worry about the shirt being too tight on him. And even if he's used to wearing form-fitting shirts, he'll always be able to find a use for a flowy shirt when working out or pairing it with some jeans in preparation for a concert.

Go for Softness

Nothing feels better on the skin than a super soft t-shirt, so it's a good idea to keep this in mind while you're shopping for your boyfriend. Avoid stiff t-shirts and those designed to hold their form throughout a long day as they'll likely feel stiff and uncomfortable while being worn. Make sure your boyfriend stays comfortable and happy while wearing the tee you give him by choosing a material that feels more like pajamas than outdoor clothing.

If you will be shopping in person, simply use your own hands and face to compare the softness of prospective t-shirts. And if you'll be shopping online, look for options that actually use the word soft in their description.

An ultra-soft flowy tee in your man's favorite color is sure to make him feel special and give him some extra comfort without sacrificing style during your next date together. To learn more about t-shirt options for men, contact a company in your area that sells men's ultra-soft flowy tee-shirts.