Are You Sewing Apparel For Those On Your Christmas List?

Each year, do you make it a point to create your own Christmas gifts? If so, the recipients more than likely always know that your gifts took a lot of thought. Are you a good seamstress or tailor? If so, maybe this is the year that you will sew apparel for those on your Christmas gift list.

Do you already have a plan for what you will make? If you do, then you might already be shopping for fabric. Otherwise, from choosing patterns to buying cotton spandex fabric and other fabrics, here are some ideas that might help you.

Choose Your Patterns

First, make a list of people on your Christmas gift list. Then decide what you will make for each of those individuals. For example, if you have made T-shirts in the past, you already know that that is a fun and relatively simple item of clothing to make. T-shirts would probably be great gifts for everybody on your list, right? 

However, maybe you want to make different apparel items for the most important people on your list. For example, maybe your mother would love a new dress. Perhaps teenage girls, even your own daughters, would be excited to get a skirt and blouse that you have made especially for them. 

Cotton Spandex Fabric And More

Cotton spandex fabric would be a great choice for making a column dress. In fact, the same pattern could be used for any of the gals who will be receiving column dresses. For example, create a maxi dress for your mother and then use the same pattern for dresses for teenaged girls, simply shortening the length.

Cotton spandex comes in so many colors and patterns that you will have lots of fun selecting the fabric. The bonus is that this type of fabric is super affordable. It can be used with other fabrics, too. For example, maybe you will make a tulip skirt for somebody on your Christmas list. Add interest to the skirt by sewing eyelet fabric at the hem of the dress. Or, make a cotton spandex dress with more pizzaz by making a black camisole top and then choosing black tulle for the skirt part of the dress. That creation could probably even turn into a party dress.

As you buy your cotton spandex material, consider choosing patterned designs to use as cute aprons and even to make a simple lap blanket. Use scraps later on to make a pretty quilt.