A Consignment Shop's Products

Many people go to both thrift shops and consignment stores. It is important to note that these businesses are not identical. 

Thrift Stops Are Somewhat Distinct From Consignment Stores

The products at a consignment shop come from a number of different contributors. When those products are successfully sold, the original contributors will make some money, and the consignment store will keep the rest of the money that they got from the sale.

It's charities that start thrift shops, and they sell donated items. Often times, the profits from thrift shops will be given to the charity directly. In practice, this often means that thrift shops will sell a very wide range of different products. The prices at consignment stores might be somewhat higher, and they won't always sell everything that contributors offer them. 

Consignment Stores Will Not Be Able to Take All of the Products That Contributors Give Them

Selling certain items will be too difficult for some consignment stores. An item that a thrift shop may accept might not be accepted at a consignment store. This should give people more options, since they might want to donate some products and take others to consignment stores. Plenty of people will pursue a strategy like this, since it will give them the chance to find new uses for more of their older items. 

Consignment stores won't be able to take as many risks as thrift shops. They will not have the support of a major charitable group, which will be the case for the majority of thrifty shops. They also will have to give some of the money that they generate to the people who gave them the products in the first place, which means they will not earn as much money themselves during each sale. These businesses will have to be somewhat more selective over what they pick as a result. However, as long as people do not give them damaged items, they should be able to get them sold at consignment stores.

Most Consignment Stores Will Not Sell Products That Are Broken or Incomplete 

A shirt that is missing a single button might be fine, but clothing that has lots of holes in it won't be appropriate for a consignment store. People should try to make sure that the products that they contribute are in relatively good condition. The products will be more likely to get accepted and sold at a decent price.